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Buying a Silencer Online

Buying a Silencer or Sound Suppressor may seem like a difficult and challenging task. The reality is that Silencers are completely legal to own in 48 of the 50 states. The paperwork requirement is a bit more cumbersome than what you experience when buying a firearm but is still relatively painless once you know what to do.


RIMFIRE: For many people, the logical choice for a “first silencer” is to pick up a .22 can. The .22 silencer is a very economical way to take the plunge into the world of NFA items, with most models selling for well under $400.

PISTOL: This category is a great way to start shooting with silencers. These units provide reduced sound levels (often more than a good set of earmuffs), reduced coil, virtually eliminate blast, make faster follow-up shots possible, can increase accuracy, and are a good way to introduce new shooters to handguns.

5.56MM RIFLE: For rifle silencers, there are several effective options on the market. This category can be easily navigated if you ask yourself, “What are the most important characteristics that I’m looking for in a rifle silencer, such as: length, weight, sound suppression, attachment method, and caliber?”

7.62MM RIFLE: The same aspects of the 5.56mm rifle category apply to the 7.62mm rifle category.

LARGE BORE: For higher caliber firearms (e.g., .338, .458, .50), the large bore class of suppressors brings several impressive, effective options to shooters.

SHOTGUN & SPECIALTY: Somewhat of a niche category, this grouping offers suppressors for integral units, dedicated submachine gun cans, and silencers specially designed for a specific host firearm.
Take your time picking the right suppressor for your needs.

Here are the steps to buying as an individual:

Find a silencer you like.

We will help you complete an ATF Form 4 with the model and serial number of your suppressor. You’ll need two copies of this application.You will need to get (and some dealers may do this) two passport photos.

Next, you’ll need to get fingerprint cards. Many local police departments will do this, but call first to be sure. I actually got mine done once at the county jail booking facility. I was only there for the fingerprints, really.

Attach a check or money order made out to BATFE in the amount of $200.

You will then need to obtain a signature on your application forms from the local chief law enforcement official. Some officials do this and some don’t, so ask your local dealer how to best complete this step—they’ll know the local politics.

Mail all of this to BATFE.

If not already in stock, the suppressor arrives at your dealer and they hold it until BATFE approval is complete.

BATFE will return to your dealer one of your Form 4 copies complete with a nifty green tax stamp affixed. It’s a really attractive and colorful stamp. It should be, as it just cost you $200.

You take possession of the silencer.