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MFS .223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ Ammunition Review

Testing Period:  from 10/07/2010 to 10/08/2010

Test preformed by: Deputy Randy Post

Report prepared by Deputy Randy Post

            On 10/07/2010, a test and evaluation began on a new .223 caliber rifle ammunition. This ammo is manufactured by MFS 2000 Inc in Russia. This bi-metal jacketed ammo uses a non corrosive primer and the steel case is coated with zinc rather than a lacquer finish. This zinc coating will prevent chamber wear on the rifle. The current rifle ammunition used in training by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is the Federal 55gr 5.56mm XM193.

            Deputy Post tested the MFS ammo during the Patrol Rifle class for FTEP 10-01. The MFS ammo was shot in a side by side comparison against the Federal XM193. Both rounds were fired through two identical and dedicated guns during the testing period. The test weapons were Bushmaster XM-15 AR-15 M4 style rifles. 885 rounds of ammo were fired through each rifle during the test period. Neither rifle was cleaned or lubricated during this test.

           Both Bushmaster Rifles shooting the Federal XM193 and the MFS ammo experienced no ammo related malfunctions. Both weapons were broken down and examined after the test was complete. Both weapons had the same level of carbon buildup on the bolt carrier group and in the upper and lower receiver.

            This ammo performed at the same level as our current Federal XM193 practice ammunition. The MFS .223 ammunition is substantially cheaper and represents a yearly department savings of $4,476.00 over the Federal XM193 round.

The MFS ammo exceeded my expectations in reliability and performance. I was very pleased with MFS ammo and would recommend it for use for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Assistant Rangemaster
Deputy Randy Post
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office